The PPAO Non Solicitation Policy

The Police Pensioners Association of Ontario Non- Solicitation Policy
The PPAO does not solicit the public or companies or any other private or commercial entity unless authorized by the Board of Director's of the PPAO. Any person or entity soliciting on behalf of the Police Pensioners Association of Ontario will be validated.
For purposes of the Non-solicitation Policy, “Solicitation” (or “Soliciting”) shall include, canvassing, soliciting or seeking to obtain membership in or support for any organization other than the PPAO by qualified applicants (verified Ontario police retirees association affiliate members or individual members who are verified retired sworn police members or retired civilian members of a police service in Ontario), requesting contributions, and posting or distributing handbills, pamphlets, petitions, and the like of any kind (“Materials”) without the express approval of the Board of Directors and include PPAO resources (including without limitation bulletin boards, computers, mail, e-mail and telecommunication systems, photocopiers and telephone lists and databases).
“Commercial Solicitation” means peddling or otherwise selling, purchasing or offering goods and services for sale or purchase, distributing advertising materials, circulars or product samples, or engaging in any other conduct relating to any outside business interests or for profit or personal economic benefit or using PPAO resources.
The PPAO logo or trademarks, names and design elements are protected by law and may only be used with the expressed written consent of the PPAO Board of Directors.
Adopted by the Board of Directors on 14 July 2017.
Warning from the Better Business Bureau on Solicitations by Police and Firefighters or affiliate organizations.
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